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About Us

Our Purpose

As a Registered Student Organization with the university, any student at UIUC who has an interest in atmospheric sciences is more than welcome to join! Our organization facilitates interaction between students in all stages of academic and professional development.

The Executive Board

The executive board is responsible for attempting to acquire funds for the organization from the university and keeping the chapter in good standing with AMS. Additionally, the each executive members is designated a committee, of which they are to lead.

Become a Member

ISTORM is open to current University of Illinois students.

Attend one of our meetings or events listed on our calendar or email an officer!

ISTORM, while associated with the National AMS, is its own entity. This means that your membership to the National AMS does not mean you’re automatically in the student chapter here or the local chapter in Central Illinois, or vice-versa. You have to apply for membership for each separately.