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Academic and Professional

The Academic and Professional Committee will plan and execute a series of guest speakers, workshops, and “hot topic” atmospheric science discussions for the chapter.

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Community Service and Outreach

The Community Service Committee’s mission is to be more active in the Urbana-Champaign community through productive acts of service.

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The Fundraising Committee will plan events for SCAMS to help raise money for various SCAMS activities. We also hope to help with travel assistance for members attending the AMS annual meeting.

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The Social Committee’s goal is to create social events with fellow SCAMS members. By hosting social events, we hope to bring the members closer together in an educational and fun environment.

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The Forecasting Division aims to provide accurate, student-made forecasts for campus. Our goal is to give valuable forecasting experience to meteorologists and non-meteorologists alike and foster deep respect and understanding for the complex processes that make up weather prediction. We currently meet Thursdays at 7pm in the NHB