Your Chambana Forecast


Partly Cloudy

High: 63°F

Low: 46°F

Winds: 8mph from NE


Partly Cloudy

High: 74°F

Low: 54°F

Winds: 7 mph from SW


Partly Cloudy

High: 71°F

Low: 56°F

Winds: 11 mph from NW

Average High: 77°F

Average Low: 53°F

Average High: 76°F

Average Low: 52°F

Average High: 76°F

Average Low: 52°F

Detailed Forecast

Friday, Sep. 23rd:

Saturday, Sep 24th:

20% chance of morning showers. Partly cloudy throughout the day. Winds 7mph from the South West. Low of 54F and a daytime high of 74F.

Forecaster: JGS

Sunday, Sep. 25th:

Partly cloudy with a possible chance of morning scattered showers. Winds are 11mph from the NW. Morning low of 56F and a high of 76F. Cold front passage in the early morning causing a minimal temperature decrease.

Forecaster: JM