Your Chambana Forecast

Forecasts Mondays and Thursdays at 7pm


Partly Cloudy

High: 19°F

Low: 16°F

Winds: 20mph from NW



High: 41°F

Low: 33°F

Winds: 20mph from SW



High: 51°F

Low: 31°F

Winds: 15-25mph from SE

Average High: 34°F

Average Low: 17°F

Average High: 34°F

Average Low: 18°F

Average High: 34°F

Average Low: 17°F

Detailed Forecast

Friday, Feb. 3rd:

Saturday, Feb. 4th:

Sunday, Feb. 5th:

Cloudy in the early morning, clearing up into the afternoon and evening. Afternoon high of 51F. Overnight low of 31F. Winds shifting clockwise throughout the day, starting at 15mph from the southwest to 5mph from the southeast in the evening, gusting up to 25mph in the afternoon.

Forecaster: RS AS