Your Chambana Forecast

What’s the weather this weekend? Updates Thursdays.




High: 58°F

Low: 33°F

Winds: 12mph from SE



Mostly Sunny

High: 45°F

Low: 34°F

Winds: 15mph from N




High: 57°F

Low: 32°F

Winds: 16mph from SW

Average High: 40°F

Average Low: 31°F

Average High: 40°F

Average Low: 31°F

Average High: 39°F

Average Low: 30°F

Detailed Forecast

Friday, December 3rd:

Sunny. High of 58 °F. Winds 12 mph from the south east. Overnight low of 33 °F.

Forecaster: JS

Saturday, December 4th:

Mostly sunny. High of 44 °F. Winds 15 mph from the north. Gusts of 20 mph possible in the early afternoon. Clouds move in overnight. Overnight low of 34 °F.

Forecaster: JS

Sunday, December 5th:

Widespread rain all day. 50% chance of precipitation in the morning hours, increasing to 90% chance in the afternoon. High in the high 50 °Fs. Overnight low in the low 30 °Fs. Winds 17 mph from the south west, gusting up to 25 mph.

Forecaster: JS