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ISTORM Officers


Hi, I’m Jared Stickney! I am a Senior majoring in Atmospheric Sciences with a minor in Creative Writing. I am currently doing research on air quality in different classroom environments. My favorite parts of atmospheric sciences are severe weather and air quality/aerosols. Outside of school, I love to roller skate, take extremely average photos, hike, and play video games. I’m so excited and honored to be a part of making ISTORM a more welcoming and fun place for all students. Hope to see you around!

Vice President

Hello, my name is Sarah Henry! I am the vice president of ISTORM this year. I am a senior majoring in Aerospace Engineering and minoring in Atmospheric Sciences. I research extreme weather events and how they are changing with climate change, and I am also passionate about the way weather impacts people. Beyond academics, I love to paint, crochet, and watch anime! I hope to help make ISTORM a great place for everyone who loves weather, even if you’re not majoring in Atmospheric Sciences!


Hello, I am Ryan Salamon. I am a Second Year student studying Atmospheric Sciences and Psychology. I want to focus on the psychological effects people have from natural disasters. Some of my favorite activities include landscape photography and canoeing. I do spend way too much time playing video games. I am a diehard baseball fan where I root on the Chicago Cubs and the Baltimore Orioles. I am very excited to meet everyone!!


Hi I’m Alyssa Shih! I’m from Chicago Chicago and am majoring in Atmospheric Sciences (Class of ’26). Currently, I’m researching large storm systems called mesoscale convective systems, but I love of everything weather, climate, and aerosols. Aside from ISTORM, I’m part of the Student Sustainability Committee, Altgeld Chimes, and am a photographer for the Daily Illini. You might catch me climbing or practicing violin or doing calligraphy around campus. If you need me, you’ll find me in the best building on campus (and no I’m not biased): the Natural History Building.

Social Media

Hey! My name is Charlie Remmers, I am a second-year student in Atmospheric Sciences. I’m from a farm outside of the town of Roanoke, Illinois. I enjoy playing volleyball, listening to music, and (of course) forecasting.

Web Master

My name is Jason Miller, I am studying Atmospheric Sciences with a minor in Geography and Geographic Information Sciences. I will be the Webmaster for ISTORM this year. In addition to updating the website, I also run the ISTORM forecasting group. Outside of school, I like to play video games, roller blade, ice skate, hike, create 3D models, and do watercolor painting.