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Champaign-Urbana Forecast

3-Day Forecasts given on Mondays and Thursdays around 8pm. Forecasts are produced by our very own ISTORM forecasting team twice a week. Please refer to the NWS (KILX) for official information on severe weather.

April 16th


Daytime high of 80°F with mostly cloudy skies. Clouds may break up several times throughout the day. 30% chance of moderate rain by the early afternoon.

Low: 80°F
Wind: 5-20 mph from SE

Forecaster: DV

Tuesday Night

A line of thunderstorms will move toward Champaign during the overnight hours. The strongest storms are expected to arrive between midnight and 3 AM; these storms are capable of producing severe hazards. Consult the National Weather Service for official, up-to-date watch and warning information. Isolated showers and storms may continue after the initial line passes until dawn. Rain totals look to be 1/4″ or less, though locally higher amounts are possible if caught under a downpour. Breezy SSW winds between 15-25 mph, occasionally gusting up to 40 mph at times, will hold temperatures in the mid-60s.

Low: 65°F
Wind: 15-25mph from SSW / 40mph gusts

Forecaster: MP

April 17th


Temperature high at 68 with partially cloudy skies. Thunderstorms possible, with trace rain in early morning. Windy throughout day, 20 MPH+ from SW expected, gusting 30+ MPH.

Low: 68°F
Wind: 20mph from SW

Forecaster: Rory S

Wednesday Night

Overcast skies in the evening, clearing up soon after the sun sets. Clear skies for the rest of the night. Low of 49. Winds 15-20mph from the west during the evening, continuously calming to 5-10mph.

Low: 49°F
Wind: 15-20mph from W

Forecaster: JV

April 18th


Daytime high of 71°F with few clouds in the sky. Winds are 10-15 mph from variable directions throughout the day. Light rain is possible at 25% in the early afternoon with totals being less than 0.1 inches.

Low: 71°F
Wind: 10-15mph from variable direction

Forecaster: Jason M

Thursday Night

Overnight low 47°F with wind speed of 5-10mph from NW. Few clouds overnight, but there is a 65% chance of rain by early Friday morning. Rainfall total will be near 0.25 inches.

Low: 47°F
Wind: 5-10mph from NW

Forecaster: Jason M


Verification for forecasts are given in aggregate at the end of each semester to see how well we have been doing. Output for verification will be given as an Excel spreadsheet. Additional updates are given in the discord server.